John Deere 8410 Air Conditioning Problem

John Deere 8410 Problems

Hi I’ve got an John Deere 8410, and i have Air Conditioning Problem.Why is it broken, how to fix it?


The John Deere 8410 air conditioning problem, in which the vehicle’s air conditioning doesn’t work for unknown reasons, has been an issue for many customers. This issue is related to when the vehicle has been parked in hot areas or when it hasn’t been driven much.

The John Deere 8410 air conditioning problem is when air leaks in when the blower fan is running. There are two main causes of this issue

The leak can come from an opening in the evaporator, or it can come from a hole in the ducts that lead to the evaporator. The fix for these two problems are different.

The fix for the evaporator is to seal up any openings with RTV silicone. This can be done by drilling holes through the part and filling them with silicone or by wrapping it with a material like fabric and then sealing it in place.

The fix for leaking ducts is to replace the entire duct system

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