How to change a john deere 8410t tensioner?

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how to change a john deere 8410t tensioner?

John Deere 8410T Tensioners are often overlooked for repairs. If they are not replaced after 10,000 hours of operation, your tractor may not start or run properly. The tensioner’s main job is to keep the belt against the pulley and to maintain tension on the belt so it can’t slip off of either pulley.

This type of John Deere tensioner generally is used in tractors. It has two functions: One is the brake pad, and the other one is the belt. These two parts are very important for maintaining the tractor work, so they must be checked regularly. The following content will show how to change a john deere 8410t tensioner?
Step One: Remove the old belt and put on a new one if needed. The new belt should be replaced at least every other year or at each season change.
Step Two: Check to make sure that there are no kinks in the new belt and that it moves freely without any cracks or

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