How to remove the seat John Deere 8410?

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how to remove the seat from a john deere 8410?

The seat of the John Deere 8410 is removable and can be detached in a few different ways. Some ways are easier than others, but all do require some work to get it completely off.

This procedure is ONLY for the 8410.

1. Open the door and remove the seat from the tractor.

2. Disconnect the seat lift cable assembly from the seat frame and remove it from under the seat with a screwdriver.

3. Place a floor jack under and behind the seat and raise it off of its supports until you can disconnect it from its mounting points on each side of tractor frame rail with a ratchet strap or pry bar on end closest to you, then lower it to ground safely, being careful not to damage any wiring or hydraulic lines connected on either side of frame rail mounting points on which you are working, also be careful not to damage hydraulic lines connected lower on swing arm pivot points if they are in way while removing strap or pry bar.

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