John Deere 8410 Engine

John Deere 8410 Problems

An 8410 John Deer tractor failed due to a water pump failure. A plastic impeller on the steel shaft let go, causing it to idle for long periods of time before leaking from the exhaust manifold.Once the engine is warmed up, everything is running smoothly – power levels are good and fuel consumption isn’t an issue.

  • It is common for the rings and sleeves to need replacing at some point. It might take up too much time when you’re busy with planting, so I’d recommend doing it after you’re done work
  • Lots of old cars were known for this and the reason was they over-applied over-the-glaze to their sleeves, which they kept hard. Catalina continued to be informal about engine oil consumption on some of their old engines. I bet most of us don’t want to prevent,if we don’t have to.
  • Going by what you have written, it sounds like the engine may be too hot. Is there any sign of damage? I take it that your talking about the air riding cart, if so this would not be the first thing to check. It is likely that your injectors are faulty.
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