John Deere 8410 Engine

John Deere 8410 Problems

OK, got a John Deere 8410 that got hot as a result of a water pump failure – plastic impeller on a knurled steel shaft let go. Now after prolonged periods at idle, such as filling aircart, there is a small amount of oil leaking from the exhaust manifold. Seems like oil bypassing rings. Once the engine is up to working temp then all is fine – power is good and oil consumpsion is not a problem.

I would assume you will need to replace the sleeves and/or just the rings at some point when it’s convenient. It could get sort of messy trying to finish up planting or something, so I would do it when you get time.

Lots of old CAT engines were noted for this and it happened because the sleeves were so hard and would easily get glazed. CAT was always a bit casual about oil consumption on the old engines. It seems like if it didn’t run low on oil during a shift, it was OK by them, which is basically right, but I think most of us really don’t want to put up with that if we don’t have to.

it is pretty common to have this happen after a engine idles a long time. But, I would not concider filling a air cart a long time. How hot did it get? I would check the injectors.

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