John Deere 8410 light problems

john deere 8410 Problems

I have purchased my first John Deere. I have always wanted a John Deere 8410 powershift. Well I finally found one. It is a 1999 with 2000 h. My problem is that the front three lights and the front fender lights do not work. When I looked at it they did. I have checked the fuse which was told it was F11 fuse. It was good. I checked the three front lights for their connection. They were connected. I have all four back lights. I was told that the fronts and fronts on fenders are connected.
Thank you in advance.

It could be anything from faulty relays to bad connections at any number of connectors to a problem at the power distribution board to ???. You need a service manual with the wiring schematics and troubleshooting info. The newer tractors like the 50s, 55s and 60s are much less prone to the light switch plug melting situation that was mentioned – I’ve never seen one do that. And usually that’s caused by overloading light circuits in the older tractors by adding extra lights and not using an auxiliar switch and breakers.

Check your light switch. It should have a big connector on the back that goes to the wiring harness. Over a period of time doing field work the contacts can heat up and melt causing them to make bad connection and work one time and not the next. Try wiggling this and see if it helps. Had a Jd 8410 that did this and we finally had to replace the switch and connector plug to fix. I put alum. foil on contact prongs for a temporary fix while working it. I would loose front lights but still have back lights.

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