John Deere 8410 light problems

john deere 8410 Problems

I just picked up my new John Deere 8410 power shift, and I love it! I found the motorcycle I want! It’s an 1999 with 2000 hours registered on the hour meter. The only issue is that 3 of the front lights and one of the fender lights don’t work.I’ve already looked into it and the problem was my fuse, which I found to be a F11 fuseAll front lights are connected. I also need to check the back lights, but I can’t figure out what you wanted me to do about the grounding wires for this problem with head light 1.

If you’re unable to locate which component is causing the problem, reading a service manual with diagrams and troubleshooting guides would help you determine where the malfunction may be. The newer tractors are less prone to the light switch plug situation, so there have been no reported incidences up until now. This usually happens because older tractors were overloaded due to adding too much like additional lights without upgrading the wire.

More often than not, loose wiring connections will manifest as strange symptoms such as strange noises or faulty switches. The first step should be to check the connections and if they show signs of wear and tear, you should replace them to ensure reliable switch operation.There’s an easy way to tell if the problem is the cable – wiggle it to see if this fixes it. I had a similar issue with my John Deere 18410 and spent hours researching online. I managed to fix it by replacing both the switch AND connector plug inside the tractor!As a temporary fix for this, I added some copper foil to the contact points

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