John Deere 8410 Steering problem

John Deere 8410 Problems

I have a friend that has a John Deere 8410, he tells me he is having problems turning the tractor to the right. He says the steering wheel turns, but thats all. He says the tractor will turn, but a few seconds after the steering wheel is turned. He says turnig to the left is no problem. I asked him if the oil and filter had been changed and he replied not in the last several decades, I have recommemnded that the oil and filter be changed. Will a filter change and new oil fix this problem?, or is there something wrong with the hydraulic pump. I have not heard the tractor run so I do not know if the pump is making any noise. Thanks

Hello, after you change the oil, filter & clean the sump screen, check to see if system pressure is 2250psi. next check to see if the steering motor is leaking internal. ok,raise the hood and disconnect the bleed off hose for the steering motor, 1/4 inch rubber line under the top tank on the hydralic oil cooler. leave the hose standing upright, with the engine shut down, turn the steering wheel to the right but not enough to move the wheels, with some force hold for 1 minute and see if you get a constant drip from the bleed hose. if you do the problem is an internal leak inside the steering motor. if no leak there then probably steering valve trouble.

If the steering wheel locks when turning to the right and the wheels turn slowly, your problem is probably motor leaking internally.

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