John Deere 8410 transmission problems

John Deere 8410 Problems

Hi, john deere 8410 5th gearbox problem at 4 years and transmission of the midmount mover is bad. Second, the two hydraulic lines of this tractor are worn out. It’s like a new tractor and it has 360 hours on it (1 year). John deere should stand by their product

I am aware of some transmission problems with the 60″ mower. Please provide more information so I can give you an accurate response.

Most gearbox problems occur because you failed to address the “real issue.” Instead, you kept repairing the symptom like you said. Perhaps there’s something else you should look at instead.

FIL had “constant issues” with his F911. This happened due to the Front PTO Drive shaft bearings burning up at the rate of 2-3 a year which he was aware of.His last experience also saw the PTO shaft splines become worn out. Turns out the “true cause” of all the issues was that the PTO drive shaft was misaligned too far rearward.The deck was too heavy and caused the PTO shaft to either stop turning OR the.After the installation, there was some wear radius development on those part. In order to support the same level of load that it had been carrying for a long time, Jackson made some adjustments with an updated radius that would still be able to complete the task. Throughout 300 hours he has been cutting

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